Providing accurate project estimating on all your tenders is the key to surviving in the world of contracting. To win consistent work with profits a contractor must -

  • Treat the estimating as a serious and important business expense. Too many contractors do not dedicate the require time and resources to a tender and end up only winning their mistakes!
  • Spend time following up tenders or build relationships with client. A strong estimate without the relationship will mean a very low conversion rate which results in a more expensive estimating department budget.

At Axis Asia QS we offer high quality and accurate estimating bill of quantities to help you–

  • Providing consistent accurate estimating.
  • Keep up with additional estimating volume in busy times.
  • Let you or your estimator spend more time following up submitted tenders.
  • Allows you to take on more estimating volume in times of expansion.
  • Free up more of your time or estimators time to build relationships with your clients.
  • Free up your time so you can provide you’re client with value engineering, alternative solutions/material, and cost comparisons, which are also import methods in gaining the edge over your competitor.

At Axis Asia QS we also provide plumbers and plumbing consultants with an AutoCAD service ranging from as-built drawings, workshops, penetration drawings etc


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